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Communicate more effectively and automatically with your members.

Event Planet Online offers automated delivery of email and text messaging to any mobile device for all of your events. And sent from one location. Just upload your members list and send email and text messages from your Event Planet Online account. It's so easy. Receive confirmation

back from each member allowing you the ability to track confirmations.

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Auto Send Messages

Your members receive your message via email and or text on any mobile devices



Your members can receive your special event via standard email or mobile text


Confirmation Tracking

Track that your members received your event message in your account


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Email and Text Messaging

What is SMS?

SMS is the text communication feature of your phone, Web or mobile communication service that allows the exchange of short text messages between mobile phones, some home phones and Web applications. SMS allows for text messages up to 160 text characters in length, and it is the most widely used data application in the world, with 2.4 billion active users (74% of all mobile phone subscribers).
SMS texting is easy to set up and use. Event Planet Online can provide you with a unique number called a short code that identifies you to the people you text. You can also select an identifying keyword that is easy for your members to remember. Promote your short code and keyword by adding it to social networking sites, Web pages, print marketing material, church bulletins, signage, storefronts, Q tags, etc. SMS message all members for special events, services or new promotion, and authorize use of your SMS service by team leaders to keep small groups informed. Plus with Event Planet Online you can send emails with the same information to cover 100% of your membership.

One benefit of Text Messaging is that it has a more than thirty percent response rate, making it the most effective way of marketing. Send messages for daily, weekly or monthly events and watch your church grow. SMS texting can be scheduled many different ways, and by scheduling your messages, you will minimize the time spent setting up your campaigns while maximizing their effectiveness.

Instant Messaging 24/7

Let Event Planet Online be your Communications Department

Here are some ways to use Event Planet Online Message Service:
• Call-to-Action (Prayer chain)
• Coupons (Present your church bulletin at the bookstore and get 10% off today!)
• Special Event (Pot Luck Sunday. Remember to bring a dish to share!)
• Congregant Appreciation (Thank you for your generous donation.)
• Affirmation of the week.
• Increase Your Database (Free t-shirt for all who get 10 new opt-ins to SMS.)
• Reminders (Choir practice tonight at 7 p.m.)
• Warnings (Weather, etc.)
• Default Messages (Weekly calendar)
• Follow-Up (So glad you visited us! Come again!)
• Cross Marketing (Read our blog.) (Like us on Facebook.)

Send out a text message to each church member by typing just one message, which will go to everyone on your list within a matter of seconds. Or set up specific groups to target. Think fax or email blast via cell phone.

• Send out on Saturday evening: Join us tomorrow. Dr Fox at 10:30 on "Unity of the Future; Where Do You Fit In?" Q&A to follow. See you there!
• Report a recent change in schedule: Youth of Unity time has been changed from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Bring your book study suggestions!
• Reach new prospects who have visited your church with a welcome, thank you, or "hope to see you again" message.

Target Market Your Events

Stay on top of their list — with Follow up Messages

SMS texting can be used to target market:
• Everyone with information about services and activities.
• Newcomers.
• Youth of Unity.
• Team members.
• Prayer chaplains.
• Choir and music team members.
• People celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and celebration days.
To implement SMS texting, form a volunteer team to research and develop a plan. The only cost of advertising, direct mail, or telemarketing your SMS code is the cost to add your keyword and short code to existing marketing materials. The cost-to-impact ratio on other products/services is positive, as SMS texting offers an opportunity for reaching more people faster in a very cost-effective manner. Once purchased, contacts uploaded one at a time or via a mass CSV file will automatically receive the opt-in confirmation message giving them opportunity to opt out.

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